Safety with Machine Guard Solutions

Successful machine guarding can be a complex issue with a need not only to comply with the regulations but also to maintain the capability of the machine to perform its intended task. It may be necessary for a combination of machine guard types to be used together to effect the ideal solution. For example; fixed fencing is frequently used in conjunction with safety light curtain systems to provide safe working areas where access is also required; by adding safety interlock switches / safety mats / safe edges and sensors at strategic parts of the machine you may also be able to enhance the usability of the complete guarding system.

Latest News

  • New SG4 Light Curtain Series
    New range of SG4 Category 4. Safety Light Curtain systems now available with "edge to edge" top to bottom active guarding, programmable muting or blanking functions, available in 14mm or 30mm resolution in heights from 300mm up to 1800mm.

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