Break the Beam, Stop the Machine

Safety Light Curtain systems emit pulsed infra-red beams between a sender and a receiver unit to create an invisible safety screen. Interruption to any beam is immediately detected and the Light Curtain safety circuits will effect a “STOP” to the machine cycle.

Mayser Controllers

We are the distributor of Mayser Controllers for use with their safety products in UK and Ireland (safety edges / safety mats / safety bumpers etc), most of which we hold in stock here in the UK.

The SG EFS 1X4 ZK2/1 range consists of:- SG EFS 104 ZK2/1 1k2 24v (1000841) SG EFS 114 ZK2/1 1k2 115v (1001272) SG EFS 134 ZK2/1 1k2 230v (1000842) SG EFS 104 ZK2/1 8k2 24v (1003100) SG EFS 134 ZK2/1 8k2 230v (7500354)

Also available:- SG EFS 104/2W 1k2 or 8k2 24v (1005196) SG EFS 104/4L 24v (suitable for BK 4 wire sensors) (1004128)

Other custom models of Mayser controllers are also available.

Mayser Safety Control Units

Mayser control units evaluate the output signals of their safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers, then they immediately trigger the necessary safety measure. Functional monitoring by their control units applies various principles.

A monitoring resistor integrated in the sensor measures a constant closed-circuit current in safe condition. When the sensor is actuated, the voltage drops. The control unit's safety contacts open and ensure the drive is safely switched off for 1k2, 8k2 or 22k1 final resistances.

In the case of the four-wire solution, functional monitoring takes place by feeding the signals back to the control unit.

Whichever principle is applied, the control unit stops the drive on actuation or cable interruption.