Break the Beam, Stop the Machine

Safety Light Curtain systems emit pulsed infra-red beams between a sender and a receiver unit to create an invisible safety screen. Interruption to any beam is immediately detected and the Light Curtain safety circuits will effect a “STOP” to the machine cycle.

Mayser USi Ultrasonic Sensor

Environment, access and area monitoring via ultrasound is an ideal solution for non-touch detection of persons and objects, and for distance measurement. If a person or object is detected in the monitored field, an automatic movement (robot, AGVS, machine) can be slowed or stopped. Even the smallest objects are reliably detected across the entire distance, regardless of material, form, transparency and colour.

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The ultrasound product family from Mayser offers different sensor variants depending on the application. With the ultrasonic safety, Mayser also offers the only sensor in the world that is certified for passenger safety.

First and foremost, the ultrasonic sensors are characterised by their flexibility and wide range of applications. Up to two freely positionable transducers can be attached spatially separated from the evaluation unit with minimal installation space. This ensures a high degree of flexibility for installation, and in defining the field to be detected.

The complex measurement methods of the ultrasonic sensors, consisting of echo running time measurement and echo amplitude measurement, enables non-touch measure of distances to objects, as well as non-touch object detection.

The benefits

Non-touch monitoring of three-dimensional spaces
Two very small ultrasonic transducers that can be positioned freely and separately from the electronics, and they will fit anywhere
Reliably detects people but also objects made of various materials regardless of shape, transparency and colour
Insensitive to contamination, extraneous sound, air flows and moisture, and thus suitable for ambient surveillance, collision protection or access control
Detects virtually without blind zone in an elliptical sound field (+/-17°, +/-5°) up to a distance of 2.50 meters
A teach-in function allows the system to learn the complete measuring environment

Additional advantages of ultrasonic safety

Dual-channel system for passenger safety
Certified according to ISO 13849-1, Category 3 PL d Unique development in the ultrasonic field

Application areas

From production, to logistics, to the ramp...

...ultrasonic sensors offer advantages for many application areas and are used in different industry environments as sensor or assistance systems, extending to passenger safety.

Access protection for machines

Environment detec- tion for robots

Tool safety for cobot applications

Route control, e.g. of AGVS/forklifts

Heel protection for lift vehicles

Storage location monitoring in logistics applications

Distance check and collision protection for ground handling vehicles

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