Break the Beam, Stop the Machine

Safety Light Curtain systems emit pulsed infra-red beams between a sender and a receiver unit to create an invisible safety screen. Interruption to any beam is immediately detected and the Light Curtain safety circuits will effect a “STOP” to the machine cycle.

Maintenance Options

Guard Replacements , Service, Spare Parts and Maintenance capability on many types of light guard systems including:

  • Datasensor / Datalogic
  • Hibass / M90 Optoscan
  • Safety Scan / STS
  • Guardscan / Sick

             We can offer breakdown call out cover / Scheduled Annual visit(s) / Service contract options

                                                            Safety / Maintenance Agreement

Our "Service Charter" has been structured to meet your requirements in full, with no hidden small print, the annual payment covers all costs including parts, labour and travelling expenses.You will receive two safety check / preventative maintenance inspection visits per annum, normally scheduled for six months from the commencement of the cover period and again just prior to the expiry date. Any breakdowns in between will be fully covered and if applicable will be treated as one of your scheduled visits.

"Service Charter" Benefits

Benefits of taking up this offer include a guaranteed priority response following a reported fault and peace of mind with the knowledge of a fully working and compliant safety system regularly checked.

Guard Replacement

Retrofit compatible new systems are available for those older guards no longer supported and causing maintenance nightmares; Sick LVU / Sick LVS / "LL" Lightguard / Universal / Radiovisor / Guardscan etc.