Break the Beam, Stop the Machine

Safety Light Curtain systems emit pulsed infra-red beams between a sender and a receiver unit to create an invisible safety screen. Interruption to any beam is immediately detected and the Light Curtain safety circuits will effect a “STOP” to the machine cycle.

About Us

Machine Guard Solutions Ltd was formed in 2002 by Mark Convine and Steve Murphy following the acquisition of an already established guarding business initially founded by Hibass in 1974. Mark and Steve each served 5 year apprenticeships with Hibass and over the following 30+ years have gained a wealth of knowledge in the specialised industry of machine guarding.

In 2005 we expanded our safety product range by entering into a partnership agreement with Datasensor UK, promoting and supporting their range of photoelectric devices / sensors and operating as a preferred safety installer of their products.

In 2008 we entered into a working partnership with Mayser GmbH, adding their range of safety edges and safety mats to our own product range.

In 2016 we took over Mayser UK as sales agent for Mayser GmbH following the retirement of our predecessor promoting Mayser's full product range, including Safety Mats, Normally Closed Safety Edges, Sensor Profiles, Safety Bumpers, and Safety Shoes.

In 2019 we became UK distributor for Mayser controllers and the 'SL' range of safety edges which we had previously been manufacturing on behalf of Mayser GmbH since 2008 for the UK market.