Break the Beam, Stop the Machine

Safety Light Curtain systems emit pulsed infra-red beams between a sender and a receiver unit to create an invisible safety screen. Interruption to any beam is immediately detected and the Light Curtain safety circuits will effect a “STOP” to the machine cycle.

Fork / Frame

Datalogic - Fork label sensor
  • Fork gap 3 mm
  • Reaction time 50 µs
  • Push/pull output
  • High resolution 0.5 mm
Datalogic - Photoelectric
fork sensors
  • Fork gap from 5 mm to 220 mm
  • Detects objects from Ø0.3 mm
  • Red visible light
  • Robust design made from anodised aluminium
Datalogic - Fork with curtain
  • 30 mm wide curtain in fork
  • High resolution
  • High linearity
  • Used together with STM's amplifier V10C/D